Full Range of Career Services Available Individually or Packaged Together

  • Professional Resumes and Support Documentation

    Professional Resumes and Support Documentation

    This is your 'foot in the door' and if it isn't done correctly, you will simply be wasting your time, because in many instances, your resume will never even make it to a real person. A great number of resumes are initially scanned and filtered by computer software and if you do not fully understand how to write your resume and cover letter in the specific manner required to meet the criteria established by the program, your resume is simply deleted or disregarded, meaning you will have lost any chance of gaining an interview.

    The CareerSmarts Coach will distil the elements of your career and package a professional quality resume that markets your strengths and experiences using the current relevant language that will appeal to employers and human resource professionals.

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  • Job Search Methods and Strategies

    Job Search Methods and Strategies

    The world is ever changing and searching for a job is no different. Locating and applying for a job, can be a full time job in itself with a multitude of varied methods spanning several media and requiring extensive research, preparation and strategies.

    No longer do you walk in the door, fill out applications or hand out resumes. The job of finding a job requires specific training, coaching and consulting and no one can provide this better than the professionals at CareerSmarts.

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  • Interview Preparation And Negotiation

    Interview Preparation And Negotiation

    If you have done the work to gain an interview, it is simply a shame to go into it without proper preparation and practice. Interviewers have many ways to gain information and to see through any intentional misinformation.

    You absolutely have to prepare and know what to expect. Every interview is different, just as every interviewer unique. Coming across with confidence and poise at any type of interview will require research and preparation.

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  • Plan For Networking

    Plan For Networking

    MORE JOBS ARE FOUND THROUGH NETWORKING THAN ANY OTHER METHOD Do you have all the skills needed in this area of your search?

    We will help you to find contacts in the industry of your choice who will help you to uncover unadvertised opportunities. Since 75% of jobs are found through networking, we will increase your confidence in locating valuable contacts and in getting the most from networking opportunities.

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  • Career And Personality Assessments

    Career And Personality Assessments

    The MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) focuses on your personality; identifying and articulating your personality preferences and strengths that can be synchronized with specific career options and opportunities.

    The MBTI is a 90 question inventory of your preferences in communication, information gathering, decision making, and organization style that indicate the best career choices, work environments, and work style that will lead to your career satisfaction.

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  • Confidentiality


    CareerSmarts coaches will keep all conversations with each and every client completely confidential. We will also keep every client's written materials, emails, and reports confidential.

    Your job search is of utmost importance and not to be shared with anyone unless you decide that disclosure is appropriate.

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