Interview Coaching Services

Once you have done the work to gain an interview, it is simply a shame to go into it without proper preparation and practice. Interviewers have many ways to gain information and to see through any intentional misinformation.  First and foremost your CareerSmarts coach will ensure that all materials in your resume and cover letter never even flirt with misinformation.

We will prepare you on an ongoing basis to deal with every interview. These interviews are all different, just as every interviewer is unique. Coming across with confidence and poise in any type of interview will require the research and preparation that we offer.

                      Interview Coaching


The job ad tells candidates everything that they need to know to prepare for the interview. The functions, the skills, and the knowledge required by a prospective employer are clearly described in all ads. The major part of most modern interviews consists of a series of behavioural questions designed to determine the extent and quality of your experience as it pertains to the target position. Using well prepared examples of job-related accomplishments that will showcase your experience in the best possible light is a mainstay of the Careersmarts interview plan.

We will also train you to use a specific template that will guide you to the delivery of these quality behavioural answers in either a short or a long version.

Some interviews, especially for government positions, are conducted according to strict rules so as to prevent favoritism in any form. In the case of these interviews, candidates must deliver the long answer in every case. The challenge there is keeping the example focused on the main point of the question. CareerSmarts coaches have extensive experience in preparing such performances 

Having an “entry plan” for your first few weeks on the job; to which you can refer in the interview, often proves very useful while portraying your enthusiasm to hit the ground running. We at CareerSmarts will help you to prepare that entry plan which is adaptable to any and all positions. 

Interviews also include a negotiation phase for which we will provide ample and ongoing resources and preparation. We will coach you never to use a number when asked about your salary expectations. Choosing and delivering an answer to that dreaded salary question without saying a number is far from easy and requires arduous preparation. That is what we do!

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